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Christian Character

Christian Character

Enriching each child’s character through Resilience, Integrity, Compassion and Honour.

KingsView School is a non-denominational Christian school established to work in partnership with Christian parents to fulfil their responsibility for the education of their children. Kingsview School provides a Christ-centred learning environment based on Biblical truth and practice as recognised by adherent of the evangelical Christian faith. The school provides a first-rate general education combined with spiritual/moral instruction in agreement with the basic principles in the Statement of Belief.

At Kingsview we view Christian education as the formation of the whole person, intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual for the God’s glory. We explicitly teach and integrate the key virtues of resilience, integrity, compassion and honour into our curriculum, school assemblies, daily devotions, school routines and behaviour management systems.

Our school Christian Character document provides the foundation for our school and community. You can read this below:

Kingsway Trust