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Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonials

We are absolutely delighted with the way in which KingsView has not only delivered, but exceeded all our expectations as a primary school. We have two children both whom transitioned seamlessly into everyday life at school because of KingsView’s warm and welcoming environment. The teachers are passionate about education and are genuinely interested in getting to know each child as an individual. We love how the classroom sizes are smaller and that our children are actually enthusiastic about getting ready for school each day. We were initially concerned that maybe our children might miss out on extra curricular activities or sports options by not having a playground on site, but now we realise that it is actually the opposite. They have a fantastic playground down at the field and every term includes sports activities. They miss out on nothing and are gaining so much. We cannot speak highly enough about KingsView and its Principal who is a real leader.

Mark & Andrae van Beers

Our eldest son,  has gone from being a shy new entrant to a confident little boy who is popular with his peers and keen to play the joker with all his friends. He loves school, is extremely happy and enjoys all the learning activities afforded to him. Whether it’s skiing, swimming or golf on Fridays or the essential core subjects of reading, writing and maths all activities are well structured and progress monitored to ensure continuing academic success. We get regular feedback from teachers and any areas where help is needed are quickly identified and actioned. Our youngest son also attends and we know he too will thrive in this warm, caring environment. If parents are looking for a well-rounded education for their children in a wonderful school community, then we cannot speak highly enough of both KingsView School and the staff.

Zarina Poole

We are so pleased that we chose KingsView for our daughter.  We started at the Early Learning Centre and by the time our daughter approached school age we knew she’d just carry on through.   I love the philosophy that each child blossoms in his or her own way.   The “standard” education of reading, writing and arithmetic is amazing but what we really love is that each child is encouraged to stand up and stand out in their own unique way.  We need more of that in our world.

Sonia Voldseth

“The warmth of the school community at KingsView has made our transition to life in Queenstown so much easier. Our daughter moved from the KingsView Early Learning Centre to Year One in a seamless transition and has thrived in the learning environment provided by her dedicated and passionate teachers”

Kat Batstone

There is no doubt in our mind that we have made an excellent choice in sending our children to KingsView School. With such warmth and care, these capable teachers took our children under their wings as they make their first forays into the classroom and as a result our children have absolutely thrived in this environment where their first experience of structured learning has been so joyful. No child is ever lost in the crowd at KingsView and the connection that the teachers have with each individual child is extremely special.

It is not only the new entrants who are blessed and fortunate to be at KingsView, our oldest son is having every possible learning opportunity afforded to him. With enormous humour, energy and passion his teacher is guiding him towards becoming an independent thinker who can also truly value learning in its own right. Be it the core subjects of reading, writing or maths or activities such as skiing, golf, Masterchef or swimming our children are loving learning at KingsView School.

I would not hesitate to recommend KingsView School to all parents who want to give their children the best start in life.

Greg Poole