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What Makes Kingsview Special

What Makes Kingsview Special

Academic Excellence

KingsView School is committed to excellence in education, providing first rate teaching in core curriculum subjects so that all children graduate from primary school with robust skills in literacy and numeracy. We are unique in the Wakatipu in some of the programmes that we use to assist in the education of our pupils.

Small Class Sizes

Small class sizes enable us to focus on unlocking each child’s treasure trove of gifts and talents. We have given a commitment to our parents that we will keep the class sizes small and our Board of Trustees works tirelessly to ensure there are additional funds in the school budget to employ extra staff over and above the funding from the Ministry of Education.

Parent Testimonials

Our daughters’ and our experience of Kingsview has been positive and wonderfully personal. All the teachers and especially the principal have seen our little girl gain confidence in all areas along with achieving academic targets….and she loves going to school! We highly recommend KingsView as a school that really gets to know and nurture your children.  Read More >>

ERO Report

Here is the Conclusion from the Education Review Office (ERO) visit in May 2014: Students learn in supportive, settled classrooms. Their interests are extended through rich learning experiences. Their learning is closely monitored and supported. The leaders and staff of this new school have created a culture and curriculum that reflects Christian values and meets the expectations for learning of its parent community. Read “full report here” Read More >>

School Community

We have passionate teachers, delightful children and wonderful families, it is a truly special place and an amazing caring family community. Our pupils are happy and we all know that having happy children is a prerequisite to learning. Our school is small so all the pupils know each other and most of our families know each other too. We welcome you to join our KingsView School community.

Christian Character

KingsView School is a non-denominational Christian school established to work in partnership with Christian parents to fulfil their responsibility for the education of their children by providing a Christ-centred learning environment based on Biblical truth and practice as recognised by adherent of the evangelical Christian faith. The school provides a first-rate general education combined with spiritual/moral instruction in agreement with the basic principles in the Statement of Belief.

Sports Opportunities

We are blessed with fantastic sports opportunities due to our small size. There is skiing and snow boarding for the whole school in the winter term, the other terms have featured sports including swimming and golf with other sporting activities such as sailing, athletics, ball skills and more blended in during each school week.

Break Time Activities

Frankton Reserve serves as our amazing playground. The pupils call this the field, it is 100 metres from school and we have full access to this stunning Lakeside Reserve. It is the best and biggest playground in the area with tennis courts, trees, hills, large open expanses, hiding places and all the things children enjoy. Our KingsView pupils love playing in this natural space, they enjoy taking part in whole school games such as Capture the Flag, What Time is it Mr Wolf and making the most of having the outdoor freedom that many school children do not have these days.  This really is the highlight of the school day for our children and even the teachers love to join in the fun!